Linguwerk GmbH is an interdisciplinary technology company with a creative team of experienced engineers, software experts, media professionals and researchers. We are experts, inspired by what we do and the new ideas developed by our creative team every day. We want to turn good ideas into an everyday reality. Our mission is to facilitate and to be part of the ongoing transfer of knowledge between research and practice.

Our specialists combine over 15 years of experience in the fields of:

  • Digital signal processing
  • Acoustics und speech technology
  • Image processing
  • HMI and GUI design
  • Sensors and measurement
  • Classification, recognition, detection, adaptive systems
  • Algorithm, software and embedded engineering

We are a reliable partner, manufacturer and service provider for products and product-based solutions in the areas of signal processing, technology and media. Working in close cooperation with our clients, we offer a broad range of services that covers everything from design to technical and business solutions.

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